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Fall is coming,

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West Virginia Show Announced,

Saturday, October 5th, 2019 at

VFW 1212  Parkersburg, WV

Garfield Ave. 8pm  Open To The Public.

Photo: Jim Poobah Gustafson 

Saturday, September 14th POOBAH plays the Anuual JARVIS HOGROAST in Belpre,Ohio 5pm-6 Food Served Poobah at 6:45pm till ? Camping Permitted

Did we say HOGROAST, & POOBAH? Yah oh yeah!!!

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Hey music lovers, RIVERS BEND CAMPGROUND LABOR DAY Holiday Jam with POOBAH on Sunday, September 1st , located at 1051 St. Rt.144 Coolville ,Ohio 7pm

Wheeling ,West Virginia POOBAH show, on Saturday, August 24th, at the PAP Club. (Open to the Public) 8pm. Join u


We have new POOBAH Tshirts in stock 

POOBAH in the Cleveland,Ohio , Rock n Roll zone,

on Saturday, August 10th, 2019

at IGGYS 13405 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio  9pm.

....Youngstown,Ohio show on Sunday, August 11th

10 Bands, POOBAH onstage around 5pm, 1st band at NOON @the New BRICKHOUSE Midlothian Blvd. Youngstown for Larry Bondy Day

Chicago POOBAH Show Saturday, July 20th at REGGIES Chicago 8pm 4 good bands, Poobah, Dead Flowers, Silent Monolith, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate. Come say hello ! See Shows above Link

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see SHOWS LINK ABOVE for more info and more Shows in 2019 and 2020

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PANDORA has POOBAH ,also! Check us out...


Photo: POOBAH Guitarist/Vocalist Jim Poobah Gustafson uses and Endorses Morley Pedals from Chicago, Illlinois, USA. Fine Guitar Effect Products. Jim uses the Bad Horsie Wah Pedal, and the Little Alligator Volume Pedal.

We appreciate your support of our Rock Band !


(Read down to see info about POOBAH songs written by

Jim Poobah Gustafson, in recent Hollywood Movies

& TV Shows !!!)

 Here's our Latest Guitar Powered Album, BLUE, with Lyrics for the Times we live in ! Almost 72 minutes long !



Hey you! Did you know POOBAH has 14 CDs out? There are more waiting to be released, or as we

say "in the can". 

Photo: Jim in Cleveland 

Photo Credit: Brian McPherson

 Poobah Drummer Mike Fortino

US Rock Comic by Larry Blake (Kiss,Beatles Comics)Comics below from Ariane Eldar (Germany)

Sticker art by Shayne Hiles

Check out all the pages for lots of good history,

and info and photos of POOBAH

There is Lots of information from Decades of making 14 Poobah albums, and playing thousands of live shows!

We have had a lot of cool things happening for POOBAH, and will have more great News soon !

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If you come see us play Live, please introduce yourself to the band !

We like to make new friends, and yes we love to play Live, and go to the Recording Studio to record new albums ! We're Recording another new Album in 2019, and we're over half way done, with more brand new POOBAH Songs!





Do you want a Free POOBAH SONG?


New POOBAH song from our new CD BLUE ! "Intergalactic" 

Check it out! Everyone says it rocks!

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Jim Poobah Gustafson  at The Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, where POOBAH has played a record 12 times !

We even have a Live POOBAH Album recorded there, at the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame !

We had a lot of fun, and we love to play live.

New POOBAH Studio recording! NEW ALBUM for 2018

POOBAH Album "BLUE" available now.

Over 71 Minutes of NEW rockin' songs.

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Here's another:Another recent Studio Album (a long one too), POOBAH "Cosmic Rock" album available now! Some really cool lyrics on this one,

 and you know we are going to rock out on GUITARS!!! Guitar rock rules !

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POOBAH - Rock band with 14 albums out worldwide.

Rolling Stone Magazine choice for Top 10 album Reissue of the year!

Great live show and fun times !

Vinyl Reissue (2 Record Set) of Let Me In and US Rock now available, (Also on CD or Download) get a copy ORDER by Private Message Email: 

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For other Payment methods, Booking, or Other Questions, EMAIL the Band:   discrock@yahoo.com   

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CDs $14 Each (Shipping by area) $4 in USA.

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POOBAH has a song in new 2018 Hollywood Movie JOSIE starring Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones/XMen, and Dylan McDermott from American Horror Story. Song is "Enjoy What You Have " written by Jim Poobah Gustafson, out now on RedBox and Amazon.

POOBAH now on all Nationwide JUKEBOXES ! Play us at your local spot !

 Poobah has a song in recent TV Series GRAVES Episode 6, starring Nick Nolte (Nominated for a Golden Globe) out now on EPIX/Lionsgate. "Enjoy What You Have " written by Poobah guitarist Jim Poobah Gustafson

Also, One Poobah song in new Hollywood Movie BETWEEN US 2016 starring gals from Breaking Bad & Will & Grace. Also guy from Superstore. Now on NETFLIX !

Poobah song "Frustration" included in the Limo Scene, also written by Jim. POOBAH available on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft, more, now.

Ed O'Neill from Modern Family/Married With Children ,and Boxing Champion Ray Boom Boom Mancini have a Movie with 5 POOBAH songs in the film. "Youngstown Still Standing" features 5 songs written by Jim Poobah Gustafson.

Reader's Choice issue in Classic Rock magazine (Europe), LA Weekly choice Five bands better than Ozzy and Black Sabbath 2013.Thousands of live shows played. Goldmine and the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame called Poobah "The most collectible psych rock band in the world" A well oiled machine that has tons of talent, "Years ahead of their time" Cleveland Scene .

 Guitarist Jim Poobah Gustafson recorded with Jimi Hendrix bassist Billy Cox,in Memphis. Billy Cox recently told Guitarist Jim Poobah Gustafson, that "Poobah CDs were Incredible , and that  Jim was one of the most talented people he knows " Thanks ,Mr. Last Gypsy Standing (Bassist for Jimi Hendrix)!

POOBAH  shared the stage as 2nd guitar with Blue Oyster Cult original member Joe Bouchard (Godzilla !),at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Jim Poobah Gustafson played for the Who's private party in Cleveland. 

New 2018 Release by Seattle Recording Artist TONY REED covers King Crimson, POOBAH, Cheap Trick ,Pentagram, Atomic Rooster,Slade,Iron Butterfly, more now out. POOBAH thinks it's cool that Tony chose a Poobah song, for his new release "The Chronicles of Heavy Rock Vol.1"

Poobah 2016 CD "Cosmic Rock" now at CD Baby, Apple/ iTunes, Google , Amazon, or get it right from us!

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 After years of recording Albums, performing Live shows that impress, with excellent skill levels on their instruments, Poobah has become a powerful force of well crafted music. Songwriter Jim Poobah Gustafson has recorded Hundreds of songs, and played Guitar on every POOBAH Album (at this time 14 different Poobah Albums ,have been released). Several more Unreleased Albums will see the light of day, soon. Recordings from the 70's, 80's, and new songs are waiting to be released.

Poobah just keeps on writing ,and recording new songs.

Another new album is in the works, but please check out the many releases Poobah has recorded, and released!


2019 Touring/Recording band :

Jim Poobah Gustafson-Vocals, Guitars, Harp, Bass, Songwriter

Lori Powers-Percussion,Vocals

Mike Fortino- Dums

Road & Stage Manager-David Harker

Techs: Mike K.

George Kelly

Special thanks to Bass Players (Subs on live shows)- 

Kevin McIlvaine, Dan Tharp, Woody Hupp

Here's the ADDRESS to our FACEBOOK Page :


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